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Best Ways to Write an Article for SEO-Friendly 

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Best Ways to Write an Article for SEO-Friendly

Every business is on the Internet today. To stay ahead in this competitive world is not a piece of cake. To ace this race you need to know the art of not only creating appealing and captivating content for your audience but also ranking high on the Search Engine Results Page (SERP) is crucial. SEO-friendly content is the driving force behind your online visibility that can earn you millions while maintaining your strong online presence. If you are consistently making content for a long time and you are not getting any visible results, you need to work on making your content SEO-friendly. Are you wondering How to write an article for SEO friendly

This blog contains ways to make your content SEO-friendly. This will also provide the ways if you are thinking how do I check my SEO strength?  So, without any delay let’s get started. 

Keyword Research

The foundation of any SEO-friendly article is thorough keyword research if you are thinking about how to write an article for SEO-friendly. Keyword research will do the job for you. Finding the right keywords according to your content and related to your niche is crucial to making your website rank higher. 

Making Your Headings and Titles Engaging

How do you write an article for SEO friendly? Create a unique and strange title and heading and see how your audience sticks to the content. Numerical ways to write headings catch the attention of the audience which a typical title can not do. Writing titles like “7 proven ways to get the opportunity to study abroad”, makes the audience think that they can learn everything about that particular subject only in those 7 ways.

Let’s take the example of popular American internet media, Buzzfeed to understand how numerical and a little bit more astonishing headings drive the traffic to your content.  They use number headlines a lot. Every second of content on their page is a numerical headline. 

The above data shows how influential are different types of headlines to the audience. Number headlines stand tall all among them. So, try to give the extract of your content in some points, which seems time-saving to the audience.  

Be as explicit as You Can 

Want to know the secret to write an article for SEO-friendly? Be clear.  Mentioning clearly what your content will include will make your audience make sure to click on your content. Nobody wants to spend their time on such content where they do not know what they will be reading or knowing new. 80% of readers never go beyond the headline if it is not catchy and appealing. So, if you have spent enough of your time on making quality content, make sure your heading is capable of attracting the attention of the audience alone. 

Examples of SEO-friendly content

What is an example of SEO-friendly content? If you need an example of SEO-friendly content to make your mind clear about what exactly SEO-friendly content looks like, don’t worry. Here are the best examples of SEO-friendly content, except the most common and most popular form of Blog, which will put your content at the top of the Search Engine Results Page. The below points will help you out if you have the question how do I know if my content is SEO friendly? 

  • Accompanying Your Content With Infographics: We all are aware of the great task, infographics can do, but we don’t often use them to increase the value of our content. If you want to make your content more factual and backed with facts and figures, infographics can do the job while an entertaining and engaging medium of information at the same time. 

With these exclusive features, there is a major drawback of using infographics is that it is a digital file that is not based on text. So, the words used in it will not be necessarily caught by a web crawler. 

  • Getting familiar with the evolving world of Podcasts: Podcasts can be beneficial only for some businesses but they can generate potential traffic through podcasts. Podcasts can be free-marketing for you and you don’t have to worry about getting it monetized from time to time. 
  • Select a Niche: Choose a niche for yourself that will help you in focusing on the topics for which you have to make content. For example- if you are in the software industry, you can discuss the latest software trends and technology updates. 
  • Leverage Guest Interviews – Hosted podcasts are an easy way to grow your audience and boost your link network. However, you need to invite quality guests who add value to the content – don’t just choose people with a large following.
  • Submit Transcripts –Just like with video content, you don’t want to rely on crawlers to extract keywords from the content. The transcript is much easier to index and can contain target words throughout.

How do I check My SEO Strength? 

Wondering How do I check my SEO strength? Below are some of the impactful ways to track the potential impact of your content: 

  • Site Speed Analysis: Analyzing whether your website is functioning fine and whether your audience can access the information fast is one of the ways to check your SEO Strength. The faster your website can provide them with relevant information, the more they will be engaged with your website. 
  • Image Optimization: Images are a crucial way to keep leads engaged on your website because they are compelling and visually appealing. You can hurt the performance of your website if you do not keep your images optimized. 
  • Page Link Audits: Adding links from other authentic websites can help increase your website’s ranking on the SERP. It is a proper answer to your query how do I check my SEO strength? 


Writing an article for SEO-friendly is the way to rank your website higher on the Search Engine Results Page. Creating quality content, stuffing proper keywords, and associating it with influential hyperlinks is a great way to be identified by web crawlers. Measuring your performance with various tools from time to time along with consistently improving your content is crucial. Pick trusted and accurate tools to test and check the quality of your content and the appropriate keywords according to it. Work on making your website flawless with speed if you have the question how do I check my SEO strength? 

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