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The future with Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality Technology

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Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality Technology will be counted among the significant developments technology has made in recent years. There was one time when these technologies used to be witnessed in only science fiction, technology has evolved to the extent that these technologies are now used in various sectors all around the world.

Whenever there is a question about what is the future of technology, its answer can not be considered complete without the mention of AR and VR.  

While technology is making us with its every single advancement, Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality will greatly shape the way people grasp information in the future.

Let’s dive into some of these crucial advancements technology has made in recent years along with understanding the future aspects of these technologies through this blog and understand what is virtual reality technology and what are some of the latest augmented reality technologies through this blog. 

The Digital Spaces of AR and Virtual Reality Technology

Augmented Reality and Virtual reality have significant differences among them. Let’s take a look at both of them: 

As Virtual Reality suggests its meaning, it makes you feel that you are in a digital environment that is computer generated and showcasing the whole surrounding as it is real. 

Augmented reality on the other side, makes the user feel any text or picture in their physical environment. In other words, we can say that Augmented reality showcases the practical side of digital information to the user in his physical environment. 

Pokémon Go game and the IKEA Place app are major examples of Augmented Reality that enable users to place a piece of furniture anywhere in their physical world.  One other significant example of Augmented Reality is Google Lens, which gives instant results by recognizing objects and products in the real world. 

The main difference between VR and AR  is that to be in a virtual world, you require a headset device while you can get augmented reality results only through your phone. 

Future of Virtual Reality Technology and AR

With the advancements in technology and the demand for convenience and efficiency across the globe, virtual reality technology and augmented reality will be used in the following manner across various sectors: 

AR in Healthcare:

  •  Healthcare is an ever-evolving world and thus, there will be an upsurge in the use of virtual reality technology and AR as surgeons and experts will use AR during complex procedures in various activities like patient data, 3D models of organs, and real-time imaging that will focus more on precision and thus, better treatment.  

AR in healthcare can help trainees and interns become good professionals by making them understand complex issues and topics through visual representations and 3D diagrams for better understanding. 

Companies like Touch Surgery and Osso VR are constantly using these technologies and using their potential in medical training. 

Virtual Reality Technology Revolutionizing Education:

Education is one of the important sectors that will benefit from AR and VR by offering experimental and practical learning environments for a better understanding of the students.

While traditional teaching method was tough, making it complex for students to understand the concepts as the tutors use only one method of teaching the students the high-level content with the emergence of AR students can better understand the topics and concepts according to their personal learning styles and capabilities. 

Social VR and Collaboration:

Social Interaction through group chats and video calls has become the norm for several people nowadays as these social VR platforms allow users to interact with friends, colleagues, and other people in virtual environments. 

Retail and Marketing:

Retail and Marketing is one of those fields, that will make the optimum use of the virtual reality technology and AR as customers can not try each and every product or service at their place and return them whenever they want.

Talking about virtual reality technology and AR, people can use them anytime to try the services of a shop right at their place and know why a particular piece of furniture will be looked at in the corner of their room.

What is the Future of Technology

The future of technology will make the optimum use of Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality for better information gathering and understanding across various fields of human endeavor that will not only make it interesting but also add efficiency and accuracy to areas like healthcare, education, and retail for more desirable results while virtual reality has surpassed the areas of gaming and have started dominating the fields of training, therapy, and social interaction.

Companies like Oculus and Microsoft are advancing VR headsets, while AR applications like Pokemon Go have demonstrated the mainstream appeal. 


Talking about virtual reality technology and Augmented Reality, are major technologies that will shape the future of any sector as people will search for more specific and interesting results that not only provide them with information but also keep them engaged. From Healthcare to Education, the demand for augmented reality and virtual reality will increase significantly in the future. 

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