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5 Facts You Need to Know About Mobile App Development BeforeYou Think of Making One

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  • 5 Facts You Need to Know About Mobile App Development BeforeYou Think of Making One

In this digital world, we all know how convenient and portable mobile apps are as compared to laptops and other digital devices. There are several apps, we can see from children to aged ones using them for various purposes. Some may have the apps for their official uses at the tip of their fingers and some like teenagers and children use them mostly for entertainment. Millions of mobile apps get downloaded every year with the upsurge of digital availability and the opportunities keep growing. The number of mobile phone users is estimated to extend to 7.5 billion by 2026 from 3.2 billion making it an absolute source of income for anyone with technical expertise. As the downloading rates of mobile apps make it a bright career opportunity to establish oneself in the market of mobile app development, we will go through 5 facts you must know about the same before you enter the industry. But before making it to the facts that tell how profitable the sphere of mobile app development is. But Before heading to these facts, let’s understand some basics of the topic.

Two Types of Mobile Apps:

Based on their own features and drawbacks, there are two types of mobile apps, Native and Web-based mobile apps. A new form of mobile app which is called Hybrid Apps, is also gaining popularity nowadays. You can understand these as follows:

● Native Apps: Apps that are designed according to specific mobile operating systems such as Andriod or iOS are included in this category. As the name conveys users can get these apps from a dedicated platform.
● Web Applications: Applications that can be downloaded through the internet with the help of a web browser.
● Hybrid Apps: This term is gaining popularity nowadays. Hybrid apps contain the benefits of both native and web-based applications.

Top 5 Must-Know Mobile App Facts

Let’s step further with the 5 must-know facts if you are thinking of starting your career in mobile app development.

  1. Mobile Apps are more relevant to people rather than websites.
    Mobile apps are used almost everywhere more than we think of websites. Statistics show that people are more habitual to use mobile apps than they use the web or search engines on mobile. This makes mobile app development a bright future where you can make both money and a name. AppStore alone has up to 2 million mobile applications and Google Play has 3.5 million. You can think how lucrative is the opportunity in the mobile app development sphere. Thus, making mobile apps can be a lucrative career.
  2. App Downloads Keep Growing
    App downloads keep growing year by year which is a perfect reason why mobile app development is a career with booming opportunities for a techie. According to the Statista report, people had downloaded more than 299 billion apps all over the world by 2023 compared to the data of 2019. Mobile App downloads are never going to decrease making it a perfect career path for you if you are a techie. While in this digital world, we can access every service from food delivery, shopping, business, and e-commerce apps to games and social media apps, people are hugely dependent on these apps never making it a flop field.
  3. Millions of Apps Gets Deleted Every Year
    All of us have tried those work from home apps and deleted them later because they were either complex to use or there were no responses to our queries. If you made an app and most people delete it, it’s useless and all your hard work is wasted. It is estimated that 56% of all programs are deleted in the first 7 days. Knowing which types of apps are most downloaded all over the world is okay but exploring what are the reasons people delete certain apps is one of the things that will highly help you in making mobile apps, that don’t have the reasons that cause
    users to delete them.
    Mentioned are some of the common reasons for this:
    ● 50.6% of users uninstall the apps when they consume much of their device memory.
    ● The complex registration process is one of the major reasons why most of the apps get deleted.
    ● Approx 71% of users delete the app because of the annoying notifications
  4. Mobile Shopping Apps Are the Future
    Mobile apps are great ways to make our purchases convenient. Online shopping and grocery purchases have gained significant popularity in recent times. It is better to think of apps related to the daily needs of people and leverage them with easy access and good personalization to make them downloadable by more and more people and to thrive in the industry of mobile app development. You can earn millions by making convenient and aesthetic shopping apps, that are easy to use.
  5. Ensuring the Security of the Users:
    Security remains the main concern for almost all the users. Various apps demand permissions for their camera, recording, and other settings which make people become concerned about their personal information and images. Secure coding practices, encryption, and regular updates are integral parts of a comprehensive security strategy. Ensuring the security of the data of your users while making mobile apps is crucial.


Summon Up, the field of mobile app development is an emerging field full of limitless possibilities and a great source of generating income. The dominance of iOS and Android in this sphere of making mobile apps creates a need to create a more diverse ecosystem by the developers. As security concerns persist and agile methodologies thrive, the industry demands a commitment to robust coding practices and flexibility. Monetization strategies, the emergence of Progressive Web Apps, and the integration of IoT further highlight the versatility and interconnected nature of mobile applications. In this dynamic field, continuous learning and adaptation are paramount, ensuring that developers remain at the forefront of innovation. As we continue to witness the transformative power of mobile apps, their impact on our digital interactions and daily lives is bound to expand, making mobile app development an ever-exciting and essential facet of the technological landscape.

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