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Winning  the World of Influencer Marketing: Dos and Don’ts

Social media platforms have become great channels for not only entertainment but also the interaction of people with each other. From the increased use of social media platforms influencer marketing is the new norm in the modern digital marketing field. These platforms are not only limited to people and customers but businesses today are also adapting according to the preferences and convenience of their customers and thus they have also started using social media platforms and influencers to reach out to their customers. 

If you think why influencers are good for marketing consider that people, basically teenagers and youth follow these social media stars and this is the reason why influencer marketing is increasing rapidly. A report tells that influencer marketing ad spending for the year 2021 was  $13.8 billion, which was projected to reach $22.3 billion by 2024. One of the most important reasons behind this boom in influencer marketing is short content because of which these social media celebrities are becoming popular and businesses are approaching the influencers for the promotion of their business. 

But, before you think about trying out this trending marketing strategy for the success of your business, it is important to understand the base on which influencer marketing works. While we have posted a blog on the same topic before, let’s understand what are the dos and don’ts influencer marketing and why influencers are good for marketing through this blog. 

Do’s of Influencer Marketing

  • Choosing the Right Key Person: Although, it is certain that social media influencers are more popular but you should choose the right influencer or key personality from your own field. It not only builds the authenticity of your brand but you also get an option if you will need to contact a person from your own field. As you will build a bond with that personality during the marketing, it will also help you economically the next time you approach the same person. 
  • Having a Solid Plan: Plans never go 100% the same but it doesn’t mean that we don’t plan for our marketing campaign even if it is with an influencer. You should plan completely before contacting the influencer or you can plan with the influencer as it will give you more potent strategies on which you both agree. 
  • Long-Term Relationships: While talking about the do’s and don’ts of influencer marketing, always see it as an opportunity to get to know a person who is popular among people and whose values align with your brand. Interacting with them with the genuine intention of getting to know them is the key that will not only make your future collaborations cost-effective but it will also make the influencer feel that you are really interested in getting to know about the person and it will make them put their 100% efforts on the campaign. 
  • Legal Compliance: At times, even popular celebrities and influencers are involved in unethical practices only for the sake of profit we are not aware of. No matter if the person you are approaching for influencer marketing is familiar to you or you are meeting him for the first time, legal regulations must be taken seriously to avoid any future disputes and legal repercussions. Clear all the legal regulations like disclosure requirements and adherence to advertising standards. Furthermore, it not only protects you from any economic loss but also maintains transparency with your audience and they will not lose trust in you. 

Don’ts of Influencer Marketing

  • Ignoring Audience Authenticity: It is a considerable thing that social media is the first thing where we search a person but choosing an influencer only on the basis of his follower count is not an intelligent decision. Checking for the engagement rates and the authenticity of the influencer’s relationship with their audience is a key thing you can try to test out their authenticity. 
  • Overlooking Micro-Influencers: If the value and audience of a micro-influencer are similar to your target audience, don’t ignore them as their values and target audience align closely with your target market. 
  • Lack of Due Diligence: Due diligence is a thing that can not be avoided to know about which influencer will be the best for your campaign as well as why influencers are good for marketing. It is better to conduct thorough research on the person you are approaching rather than disappointing your current customers and facing their resentment after the collaboration. Apart from this, due diligence will save both your time and money you would spend on the campaign which would only drive a negative impact. 
  • Ignoring Analytics: Analytics and data are the power in today’s digital world. From the start of your campaign don’t forget to keep an eye on the analytics. You can also ask your audience about the campaign through quizzes and polls that will make you understand is the influencer you are working with is beneficial for your business or not and why influencers are good for marketing. 
  • Overlooking Clear Guidelines: Guidelines are not only written statements they are essential to make the influencer understand your brand message along with the values and culture of your business so that they can put their 100 percent efforts into the campaign. 


Influencer marketing can be a turning point for your business if you are seeking an influential way to attract the attention of your target audience. But, before applying these strategies and approaching an influencer it is crucial for you to go into the depth of the topic to understand how you can use for your business and why influencers are good for marketing. 

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